Sarasvatii NamastubhyaM Varade KaamaruupiNi |
VidyaarambhaM Karishhyaami Siddhirbhavatu Me Sadaa ||

O Goddess Saraswathi, the giver of boons and the one who fulfills
all desires. May there always be accomplishments for me as I
begin my studies. Salutations to you!

The vision of Youth and Education at the Hindu Community and Cultural Center, Shiva-Vishnu Temple, Livermore is

  1. To establish a full-fledged Learning Center which includes a library and conducting regular classes for enabling religious, cultural and spiritual learning for Asian-Indian children, youth and adults in the Northern California Community. The key elements of the center will include:

    • An extensive state-of-the-art library housing authoritative books and audio-visual media on Vedic literature, religion and Indian history and culture in English and several Indian languages.

    • Discourses and classes for youth and adults

  2. To establish systems and conduct regular youth workshops that inspire the youth by increasing their awareness of the spiritual and cultural richness of our heritage.

  3. To continuously advance the Learning Center though networking with other religious, cultural and spiritual learning centers around the world.