To believe in something and not to live it is dishonest
                                                                                             --M K Gandhi

Donations                                                                      DONATE
We welcome you to express your kindness in word and spirit by joining hands with us. You can make your mighty contribution in many ways, by way of offering your services and being a volunteer, by identifying and conducting special programs to the needy and by making donations in cash and kind. All donations are fully tax deductible.
By Cash:   Cash donations may be offered at the front desk in the administrative building. Please make sure to inform at the desk that the funds are to be earmarked for Human Services.
By Check:   Donations by check can be made favoring "HCCC" with a note at the bottom of the check " For Human Services". Please mail the check to Hindu Community & Cultural Center, 1232 Arrowhead Ave, Livermore, CA - 94551. Your receipt can be printed at your end by logging into your account on In case you need a receipt mailed out do attach a note with the check requesting for a receipt and it will be mailed out to you at the mailing address recorded with us.
By Kind:   Donations may be offered in the form of food in sealed tins where the expiry date is at least 6 months from the date of donation. This can be placed in the bins available in the lobby of the Akella Assembly Hall situated behind the temple.
Auto Donations:   In case you wish to donate any old cars do sell it to an auto dealer and donate the proceeds of the sale to the temple Please note donations made in any form are tax deductible.
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