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Event Registration
(the "Agreement")
Holi Milan Mela
on Sunday March 12th, 2023 from 11 AM to 3 PM
Location: Leo R Croce Elementary School, 5650 Scenic Avenue, Livermore, CA 94551

HCCC & Livermore Valley Unified School District: As used in this agreement, the term HCCC includes Hindu Community and Cultural Center, Inc and its Directors and Officers together with all the volunteers and coordinators, employees and agents.
In consideration of my being permitted to participate in the HCCC program described above, I, the person undersigning below, hereby release HCCC from any and all claims and liability of any kind that may arise as a result of mine and my children's participation, including but not limited to claims regarding or alleging HCCC's and Livermore Valley Unified School District negligence. This release includes all travel to and from the program and activities in preparation for participation in the program described above. By signing this agreement, the Participant releases HCCC and Livermore Valley Unified School District and of any and all liability, waives any and all claims against HCCC and Livermore Valley Unified School District, and agrees not to sue HCCC and Livermore Valley Unified School District based on from the participant’s involvement in the program stated above.
As further consideration of my participation in the HCCC and Livermore Valley Unified School District program described above, I agree to hold harmless and indemnify HCCC and Livermore Valley Unified School District for any and all claims that may be brought against HCCC and Livermore Valley Unified School District as a result of my participation in the program stated above, including all costs and attorney fees incurred, as well as any other expenses.
Safety Rules
I understand and agree to follow the safety rules as mentioned below and also understand that Intentional violations shall lead to expulsion from the event.
  1. I understand that persons with (asthmatic) respiratory ailments are dissuaded from attending the event.
  2. I understand that I should use only color powder provided by the HCCC at the site venue. I understand and agree that transportation of any other color powder or color powder similar to the one being used at the site venue is prohibited.
  3. I understand and agree that to protect eyes from color tosses; it is recommended to carry swimming goggles.
  4. I understand it is not advisable to wear contact lenses at the site venue as in exceptional cases color powder can settle on the lenses.
  5. I understand that the use of the color powder is strictly prohibited near food area (minimum distance: 5 meter).
  6. I understand that the colored powder is specifically not intended for consumption. I understand that intentional combining/mixing of the color powder with food and drinks by third parties is strictly prohibited and will lead to expulsion from the event venue.
  7. I understand that the powder bags should be dispensed in garbage bins located at the site.
  8. I am aware of these safety instructions and know the risks arising from the use of color powder and playing loud music.
  9. I understand that the color powder cannot be removed completely from clothing, bags, shoes, etc. depending on the material by washing, tapping or cleaning, and that it cannot be held liable to any damage in this regard.
  10. I understand that electronic and technical devices such as mobile phones, smart phones and cameras might get damaged by the color powder.
  11. I acknowledge and agree that at the event venue image and video recordings related to the event will be produced by the HCCC and Livermore Valley Unified School District, its agents, or other third party for the purpose of a media analysis on TV and in print and online media, and agrees in this respect not to ask for any compensation for the recording of voice and image, and for the subsequent use of these recordings in all current and future media promotion.
  12. I understand that I am allowed to capture sound, image and motion pictures at the event venue for private purposes only.
  13. I agree to follow the instructions of the HCCC and Livermore Valley Unified School District and of the regulatory staff employed by the HCCC and Livermore Valley Unified School District in all cases.
In the event that any term of this agreement is found to be invalid for any reason, such a finding shall not affect the validity of any other terms of this Agreement.
I have read and fully understand the terms of this Agreement, I UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHT BY SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT. My providing my email address I hereby fully consent to all the terms and conditions in this form. I also acknowledge that all the terms and conditions also apply to all the members of the family additionally listed in this form.

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Additional family members:
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